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Innovative HR combined strong technical knowledge with the ability to be flexible in responding to our organizational needs. Michele and Anna were very incisive in understanding our staff, culture and needs, and worked with us to create solutions that worked with in that context. They are thorough and committed. They are also excellent, extremely knowledgeable facilitators who presented complex content in an engaging way..

Manager Learning & Growth

[Our} company is a start-up in the healthcare sector. We were dealing with multiple unions and multiple collective agreements across our growing client base. Results of negotiations, arbitration decisions and collective agreement development were critical to the success of our new company.
Innovative HR played a key role in helping us sift through complicated components of significant Labour Relations issues. There was an immediate need to deal with these issues to allow our client base to grow. We were also setting up a Human Resource structure for our Management staff and developing policies for core HR functions like Recruitment and Development, Compensation, Health & Safety. The level of expertise that Michele and Anna brought, encompassing all aspects of HR, allowed to drive these activities simultaneously.   Due to the nature of our business (24/7) there is a requirement to meet with staff across multiple client sites at all hours of the day or night. Michele and Anna always rose to the occasion and ensured there was HR representation for all. We would not have been able to fulfill all HR requirements without their support, knowledge and highly motivated approach to managing a complex environment. It gives us great peace of mind to know we have this kind of support, and to work with people that understand the criticality and sensitivity of the Human side of our business.

Executive Vice-President

I was really impressed with their passion for the work they do and their dedication to ensure their clients have a peace of mind to focus on other things that they are good at and leave the HR for them to take care.

Managing Partner

Anna came on board with our company at a time where we faced some enormous challenges, and she made a real impact when we needed her most. Over the past 3+ years, she has proven to be a very thoughtful and knowledgeable professional.  Anna has made a big difference in our hiring and termination practices, and was instrumental in implementing a large number of new HR procedures. Most of all, I appreciate her thoughtful advice on delicate matters, and her excellent responsiveness when we need her

President & CEO

There are human resources consultants everywhere but it is rare to find a company that represents the depth of knowledge that Innovative HR possesses AND have the heart and mindfulness and adeptness in social and emotional intelligence that is absolutely necessary in moving our greatest business assets- our – people forward and upward.  Michele and Anna present that perfectly.  I would not hesitate to recommend Innovative HR as the experts of choice for any organization who really care about their people.

Owner, & Chair

Michele and Anna have proven time and again that they are responsible, competent, and efficient partners who truly strive to help clients reach their goals.    We are very proud to be part of this successful business relationship with INNOVATIVE HR, which is based on mutual trust and confidence.